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“Antica Salina” is a rare unimitable bed and breakfast, placed at the entrance of Natural Reserve of Salt Mine of Tarquinia, in the archeological zone of Gravisca’s etruscan port, on the seashore of Tirreno Sea. It is sorrounded by 180 yards of basins where production of salt started 3000 years ago. A frontal smooth sea shows depths of rare beauty rich sea posidonia with a seashore fully free in four km in front of the dwelling. On the other sides there are Gravisca’s archeological areas of Porto Clementino where Tarquinio Prisco king of Rome was born, since there attended by greatest merchants of the mediterranean sea like greeks, phoenix, egiptians and etruscans. You can still see the ruins of Adonis and Afrodites temples.

In Tarquinia’s Salt Mine live 2700 birds of 40 different species such us pink flamingoes, herons, and ducks. Unic Salt Mine of Tirreno Sea it can afford of 300 days of sunshineper year and mild weather even in winter. You can reach in five minuts the painted etruscan graves so as Civita’s Acropolis which have been recognized by UNESCO mankind patrimony. Very attractive is the National Museum in the historical centre which is of middleage. Prince includes the usage of byke in order to across the natural reserve so as umbrellas and Chairs to be placed in the free seashore. You can choose to enjoy, by paying, a seashore far from fome 100 metres, they are all good choce.

Salt mine flamingos.
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